Joe Marrazzo, Spray Foam Insulators

I started out in the construction business. building walk-in commercial refrigerators. We would frame the building, put on the sheathing, and then spray below the concrete, the walls, and the roof. We were building Yeti coolers and never knew it.  Back then, I never realized how well foam worked until I did a major renovation on my own home. Fiberglass was not an option at the time, so I used foam. I was not a foam contractor then, but the result was so great it propelled me to use foam in all my construction projects.

This was 22 years ago, and I was only thinking of doing small jobs, so I located a used spray foam rig in Philadelphia and was advised to talk to a company called Icynene. I met with Icynene, a Canadian company that created the best spray foam product in the industry. I wasn’t looking to get into the spray foam market,  but for them to sell me product I had to take a week of training at their facility in Canada to get certified to use it. It was the best week I ever spent for my business. Being a contractor, I challenged all their theories of leakage and pressures that affect buildings, constantly arguing that they were wrong in their process. However, they proved me wrong every time, and this is how the journey began.

It is very rewarding especially in the times we are in now with exorbitant fuel costs, when we will reduce fuel consumption by 50% for every house addition or commercial property that we spray. It’s great to be part of this industry, helping people and the environment every day.

Joe Marrazzo, the Owner/Operator of Spray Foam Insulators