Injection Foam for Garages [Video]

Spray Foam Joe, the expert in all things spray foam, has some valuable insights on how to keep your living space above the garage warm during the colder months. The number one complaint that he hears is that the living space above the garage is ice-cold. This is often due to poor insulation, which is present not only in the ceiling of the garage but also in the floors, walls, and roof of the rest of the house. The solution to this problem is to inject foam into the ceiling of the garage to create an air seal that enhances the efficiency of the existing insulation.

The process of injecting foam into the ceiling of the garage involves drilling a series of holes and injecting a continuous layer of foam all the way across. This process encapsulates the fiberglass insulation that’s already present and creates an air seal between the cold garage and the living space above. However, the process doesn’t end there. After injecting the foam, Spray Foam Joe and his team support the sheetrock to ensure that it doesn’t collapse under the weight of the foam. This is especially important for older homes where sheetrock was only nailed and not glued or screwed at the same time.

In the end, this process is a great energy saver for homeowners. It not only keeps the living space above the garage warm and comfortable, but it also saves on energy costs. With the added insulation and air seal, homeowners will see a significant reduction in their energy bills. So, if you’re experiencing a cold living space above your garage, don’t hesitate to contact Spray Foam Joe and his team to inject foam into your garage’s ceiling and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home all winter long.