IRS Tax Credit

The newly reinstated federal 25C tax credit program offers a 10% tax credit worth up to $500 for homeowners.

Stopping unwanted air infiltration is one of the most important and cost- effective ways to reduce heating and cooling costs, improve indoor air quality, and provide a more durable, energy efficient structure. This is the value that Spray Foam Insulators brings to homeowners.

The federal government just made the job a bit easier, by reinstating the federal 25C tax credit program through December 31st 2021, through the program a 10% tax credit worth up to $500 for homeowners to make qualified energy efficient improvements to their homes.

According to Energy Star, “adding adequate insulation is one of the most cost- effective home improvements” that homeowners can undertake. Typical bulk insulation products can qualify for the tax credit including pour in place and spray foam technologies.

To apply the homeowner will need a manufacturer certification statement along with the IRS form 5695 for residential energy credits.

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