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Spray Foam Insulation Haddon Heights, NJ

A Model of Efficiency: Renovated Home in Haddon Heights

In Haddon Heights, NJ, a remarkable renovation at 1828 Prospect Ridge Blvd showcases the builder’s commitment to quality and energy efficiency. While not required to meet the latest building codes of R-60 insulation in the roof and R-30 in the walls, the builder opted to exceed expectations. The entire building envelope was insulated with open-cell foam for the above-grade structure and closed-cell foam for the basement walls, ensuring a superior level of thermal efficiency and comfort.

This approach not only enhances the home’s energy performance but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and homeowner satisfaction. By choosing to go above and beyond with foam insulation, the builder has set a new standard for renovations in the area, making this Haddon Heights home a beacon of modern efficiency and thoughtful construction. Free Estimates (215) 493-3677.

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