Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Andover, NJ

Prior to the Covid outbreak, we were hired to insulate the original beautiful Cross Keys Estates wedding venue in Andover, New Jersey. Then in 2023 they asked us back to insulate a newly-constructed addition. The high ceilings required using scissor lifts to access the rafters. Because of the roof design and the need to vent the bays, fiberglass insulation was not a viable choice, so we decided to use open cell spray foam, covering the exposed beams to protect them before spraying. While the ceiling height provided a big challenge, another was presented by the gables, which would have glass installed later, meaning we had to be careful to avoid overspray. In addition, the massive kitchen in the basement required the use of close cell foam to block sound and cooking smells from entering the catering hall. As this was to be the finished ceiling for the kitchen, all fire suppression pipes and plumbing were covered to keep a clean look.

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