Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Princeton, NJ

When the owners built this custom home close to Princeton University in Princeton, NJ, they prepared well by demanding superior pre-insulated walls for the foundation. But when they were ready to insulate above ground, they called on us knowing our expertise with spray foam would offer the best solution. We applied open cell foam for the outside walls and the garage walls and ceiling but chose closed cell foam for under the roof—a combination we have found works best. The home’s attic needed to be closed cell protected because it was the site of the HVAC unit and a large amount of accompanying ductwork. Using the closed cell foam between the attic studs ensures a tight seal against outside air. This allowed the contractor to reduce the size of the HVAC units housed there by 20% and while extend the life of the equipment, as the insulation allows the unit to run less often. Our experts know that using the right types of foam assures reduced energy costs over traditional fiberglass insulation and will also allow both builder and homeowner to take advantage of available tax credits, making a true win-win situation.
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