Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Princeton, NJ

While renovating this 1960s home, we removed a mountain of old insulation, including many layers of vermiculite. After that, we were able to apply blown in fiberglass and batts to the opened-up walls, effectively sealing any possible leaks. After seeing our process and progress with the walls, the owner decided to also insulate the attic, an ancient addition that presented structural challenges to HVAC installation. There we used open cell foam insulation to seal all air leaks. Foam is an efficient insulator where more is not necessarily better, with 5-1/2 inches of open cell foam and 3-1/2 inches of closed cell the optimum depths for savings. We used the combination of insulation to make this old house cozy, and the owner commented that his home has never been more comfortable in the 25 years he’s lived there. Free Estimates (215) 493-3677.

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