Spray Foam Insulation

New Construction in Princeton, NJ

Spray Foam Insulators installed spray foam in this new construction home in Princeton, NJ. We applied open cell on the walls with 2×6 studs and close cell on the roof line.

By installing the foam this way, the network of ducts that is in the attic space makes the HVAC  much more efficient. With the foam on the roof line, now the entire HVAC system in a semi conditioned space.

With traditional fiberglass insulation, a typical unit is producing 55 degree air and moving it through the duct work that is in a 110 degree environment and the insulated duct is only R-8 (code requirement).

With the upgraded spray foam environment will only be 10 degrees warmer or cooler then the house.  As a result, the sizing of the HVAC can be reduced by 20% when using foam in this matter.  The bottom line is these homeowners will be more energy-efficient, enjoy lower heating and cooling bills, and can install a smaller HVAC system